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We have a large variety of clientele which consists of:


1. Air Cleaning Equipment 

2. Algorax – P.E. 

3. Beier Albany 

4. Crosible Filtration 

5. Enviroclean 

6. Eskom 

7. Filtaflo 

8. Genair 

9. Howden Energy Systems 

10. Lead Processing 

11. Madison Filters 

12. Saldanha Steel 

13. W L Gore 

14. Xstrata Lydenberg e.t.c. 

15. Egypt steel 

16. Mozal 

17. Dubai

18. Russia 

19. New Zeeland 


We imported a CFM-610-TWR WIRE FORM & WELD MACHINE. This machine can roll any 2-dimensional shapes or ring with wire diameter ranging between 2mm and 8mm. We are in a very privileged position that we can automate our parts and speed up the whole production process. This machine gives us a tolerance on the rings, which is the heart of the cage, of 0.1 mm in diameter. With this machine, we also do stainless hold out rings for bags, galvanized and mild steel at a rate of approximately 5000 per hour. 

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